Immediate Delivery

Immediate Thrill Box



Immediate Thrill Box

  • Can’t wait for the start of the month?
  • Add this box in addition to your Subscription.
  • Delivered Immediately.
  • Includes three (3) unique thrift/vintage pieces.
  • 100% Satisfaction

Don’t want to wait for your first subscription box delivery at the start of the month? Order an Immediate Thrill Box that we’ll design and send to you right away.

Like every Thrificent Box, the Immediate Thrill Box contains THREE unique pieces. As soon as you complete your style survey, our thrift team will use your preferences to build a box that’s designed to delight.

The Immediate Thrill Box does not replace your Monthly Box. The Immediate Thrill Box will be delivered in addition to your subscription, and you will still receive your initial subscription box, and all subsequent boxes, at their regularly scheduled delivery time at the beginning of the month.

Every Thrificent subscription item carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and free return shipping. If you are unhappy with any of the three items in your Immediate Thrill Box, you either have the option of $10.00 refunded to your credit card for each returned piece, or exchanging the returned pieces for additional pieces added to your next box. Items must be received within 15 days in order to process any returns or exchanges. If there are less than 15 days between the purchase of your Immediate Thrill Box and your first subscription delivery, the additional pieces will be provided in your next scheduled delivery.

Dimensions14 × 8 × 3 in